We are a team of Physiotherapists who only have one goal in mind: to help you through your problem. We are experts in problem solving, from the most minor of ankle sprains to complex injuries.We love and will always try to get you back to doing the things you love.

We follow the APA (Australian Physiotherapy Assiociation) motto of “Move better, feel better”.

It is reflected in our motto of “Be your better self”.


Devoid of gimmicks and unnecessary treatments

Here at Penshurst Street Physiotherapy, we want to provide a high quality service that is devoid of gimmicks and unnecessary treatments. We stay true to our motto, which is to “Be your better self”, in our own philosophy and bodies as we are all active in different ways. Movement is fundamental to our health, and thus we align ourselves to the Australian Physiotherapy Association’s motto which is to “Move well and stay well”.


We DO care about YOUR well-being

Our team here at Penshurst Street Physiotherapy care about YOUR wellbeing. We understand that your pain and issues are important to you in your OWN way. If you are open, we are here to lend a helping hand and guide you from start to finish and beyond! Dedication is not a special trait – It is embedded as part of our normal values.


Always aimed to provide the BEST service

Ever since opening our clinic in 2016, we have received the support of the local community and as such we have always aimed to provide a service which will benefit the locals as well as anyone wanting to experience our facilities. As such, we will strive to support the local businesses and sports clubs with our expertise and experience.

Our people

  • Laurence Nguyen

    Powerlifting, gym-based Injuries, combat sports based injuries
  • Jonathan Lee

    Occupational health, gym-based injuries
  • Joshua You

    Basketball, volleyball