No referral is required for privately paying patients.
You will need a referral if:

  1. You were injured at work and will be claiming through Worker’s Compensation
  2. You were injured in a motor vehicle accident and will be compensated through Third Party
  3. You are entitled to the GP management plan under Medicare for chronic conditions
  4. You are entitled to services under Veterans Affairs

If we feel like you need a referral to a general practitioner or specialist, we will discuss and organize it with you.

What should i bring on the first visit?

If you can arrive 5-10 minutes early that will help us maximise your quality time. Please bring any scans or reports related to your condition. Wearing loose, comfortable clothing would be ideal, however we do provide gowns in case you are unable to wear appropriate clothing. We are here to answer any questions you have so don’t hesitate to ask!

Do you communicate with my doctor?

For any referred patients, a letter or email will be given to your referrer after our consultation outlining the initial assessment findings and treatment strategy. We enjoy getting you back to doing what you love and will liaise closely with the GP, Coaches, Trainer, Sports Physician or Specialist to get you the best results.

How long is each treatment?

Generally we allocate 60 minutes for an initial consultation and 30 minutes for a follow-up consultation. We will do whatever is required to make a difference to your health during the consultation. Each consultation with be one-on-one to provide the best results. We will try to maximise your time with us as much as possible, however there occasionally are unforeseen circumstances. We apologise if there is an impact on the session.

Please email or call us if you have any question

(02) 9585 8000