3 practical ways in dealing with stress

February 1, 2020

Whether it may be overtraining, work related stress, or simply personal stress –prolonged exposure to stress can release a chemical called cortisol – which can affect your performance and recovery capabilities.

I know it can be difficult to manage our time well, given that we have personal commitments. I have provided simple techniques that can be used during work, lunch, even on a crowded train which will help even the most time-poor person.

Here are some ways to manage your stress on the go:


  1. Breathing –

  • Deep abdominal breathing can be helpful for muscle relaxation, lowering blood pressure , and slowing down the heart rate.

Heres one way:

  1. In through the nose for 4 seconds

      2. Hold for 3 seconds as the belly expands

      3. Out through the mouth for 5 seconds

Don’t rush the process!

  1. Meditation –

  • Simple and inexpensive tool that can be done 10 minutes daily to see the effects.
  • Provides a sense of calm and peace
  • Eliminates information overload
  1. Exercise –
Image result for avocado exercise"credit to the owner of this awesome picture 🙂
  • As many of you know and have felt – after exercise you feel happier, improved sense of self, and improved sleep!
  • Any type of exercise – light jogging, brisk walk, weights etc.
  • Try for 30 minutes!


So next time you are feeling overwhelmed with whatever task you are trying to achieve, simply remember to breathe and take some time for YOURSELF. Life is not all about the external stressors that can be put on by others. Take some time to yourself, because a healthy mind = happy and healthy body.


– Written by Ray (who actually meditates)